The Bulldog, Amsterdam’s most famous coffee shops

The hound with the studded collar is the symbol of The Bulldog, Amsterdam's most famous Coffeshop chain. There are five locations, but the best is 90.
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The Bulldog is a very famous Coffeeshop chain in Amsterdam with five establishments, a hotel, several souvenir shops and seed shops.

The Bulldog No. 90 was the first Coffeeshop opened in Amsterdam among the canals of the red light district, the shutters were raised at the end of 1975, and for decades it has been the symbol of free cannabis consumption. The other establishments in the chain are the Bulldog Palace, the Rockshop, the Mack and the Energy.

Popular with foreign tourists and locals alike, The Bulldog is easily recognisable by its logo: the hound with the studded collar.

The Bulldog coffeeshops

The entrance to Amsterdam’s first Bulldog, Bulldog No. 90

Tours and guided tours of Amsterdam’s coffee shops

If you want to discover the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam, you can take advantage of the experience of a local guide who will lead you through the city’s iconic coffee shops on a guided walking tour. Certainly the best way if you don’t know where to start!

Cruise the canals with The Bulldog Boat

Are you a fan of The Bulldog coffeeshops and want to relax with a canal cruise through Amsterdam? There’s nothing better than taking a cruise on The Bulldob Boat, you’ll enjoy a sightseeing tour of the city in the typical Amsterdam coffeeshop spirit!

The meeting point is behind the Krasnapolsky Hotel on Dam Square, next to the Bulldog Hotel.

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